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Notice how I, Von, the writer, truly did "write" (in cursive form) the letter; whereas, I notice that you, Vera, the reader, have a thought bubble in "print" form (ALL CAPS, block style). Do our differences never end...?

Mark Stroup

had written - past perfect
have written - present perfect
will have written - future perfect

Vera's situation after listening to Mary's advice - perfect.

Um . . .


Bob "turned me on" it seems years ago to the "Mary Worth," comic strip, it was during Tommy's fast descent into drug addiction, him finally ending up selling drugs from a brown paper bag on a park bench to the first person who walked by, and then immediately after a quick drive to the police station, was seen sweeping the floors in prison. I could not WAIT for the next episode of this new-found comic!! It seemed it would be dealing with the "darker side of life"! Great!

Other than Rita's drunken "swan breaking" and subsequent drive to the seediest Rehab I have evern seen, and Aldo's "drunken suicide" and everyone's profound "grief", there hasn't been much else going on in years.

This "Vera/Von" absolutely-nothing episode, which has dragged on for weeks, may be the end of "Mary Worth" for me, although, if I stop reading "Mary Worth," what would I have to make fun of with my "Mary Worth-buddy"Bob about??? After all, he DID get his own article printed in our Post-Gazette newspaper about his take on this whole comic strip!!

But, I will probably read it for nothing more than to criticize it with Bob, and read his great posts about it on his Blog, and, I am afraid I MIGHT miss something.

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